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Beyond Good and Evil

To make use of what is available, in the area, the fruit at hand. Instead of looking elsewhere for sustenance, to grow and feed off our own talent. In 2002 the first Latino-owned and managed art gallery in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area was born: La Cosecha Galeria (The Harvest Gallery). But it stood for much more; it was an understanding, a union, an opportunity to display an identity. The ability to open the doors to other artists as an outlet to what is possible. Well received by the community, who until then were starved for a place to showcase their culture and artistic abilities, it always held a warm place in their heart and a revered memory for those that worked with them. Read More...

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Old World Art Culture: From Cleveland to Europe

Last Fall, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe, as an artist, it was a spiritual pilgrimage. Fortunately, my better half loves the arts as well, and she didn’t mind me hijacking our vacation into a quest to see the creative treasures of the world. Read More...

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A Convening in Cleveland Discusses Artists and Cultural Workers as Civic Leaders

One of such artists is Cleveland-based Will Sanchez who, as Ideastream mentions, "bought an abandoned convenience store at West 54th Street and Storer Avenue, in the heart of the city’s Latino community. He's transforming it into an art gallery. Sanchez is part of a growing movement of artists who are using their skills to promote civic change." Read More...

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More Than Murals: Cleveland Artists Use Skills For Civic Change

City governments and community organizations often turn to local artists to brighten-up abandoned neighborhood walls. Eyesores are beautified and artists get a chance to earn some money.  But, arts advocates argue that artists offer much more than decoration to area neighborhoods. Read More...

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Most Interesting People 2019: Will Sanchez

HONOR THY CREATOR: Sanchez pays homage to his faith through painting and mixed media, which combines Judeo-Christian symbolism with dark subject matter. “I try to express myself and push my talent to wherever I can get it to in whatever piece I’m working on. I still read the Bible every day. In reading and going through everything I’ve gone through, you walk alone in your faith and what you do.” Read More...

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Cleveland artist opens art gallery in building he tried to rob 14 years ago

On Saturday, artist Will Sanchez will open his new art gallery on the west side of Cleveland.

It is in the same building he tried to rob at gunpoint 14 years ago.

“I sort of just kept pushing, kept believing,” Sanchez said, as he put the final touches on his gallery and paintings Friday morning. Read More... Link

Cleveland artist buys the store he once tried to rob and transforms it into an art gallery

Will Sanchez chose the name La Cosecha Galeria - "The Harvest Gallery" - as a tribute to his roots. Entwined in his new art gallery in the Stockyards neighborhood, which opens this weekend, is a devotion to the place he grew up, a friendship that shaped him and a past that's come, like harvest season, full circle. Read More...

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