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The highest realm of mind, body, and soul.

Our boutique is not simply a retail outlet, it is our creative mirror. We have some amazing and wonderful finds, a reflection of the distinctive beauty that will be sure to capture the heart during this season of gift giving. Visit us beginning this November 27th as we launch our “Green Xmas” Holiday Season Sale! Which gives an automatic gift of up to a 25% discount on selected shop merchandise. Featuring the best collection of CBD products, health & wellness supplements, art, jewelry, apparel, decor, paraphernalia, supplies and accessories. We are located on the NW corner of West 58th & Storer Avenue, our hours are Monday through Saturday 12PM - 8PM, please stop in, and peruse to find something we hope will bring joy to those you love!

This year we highlight our variety of naturally derived CBD Flower alternative. Many people are not entirely familiar what hemp-derived CBD is or its positive effects upon our health.

•    Paradise OG (24.0% CBD) -- Highest CBD content
•    Hemp World Haze (22.6% CBD)
•    Jazzy CBD #2 (21.0% CBD) -- @JasminCadavid strain
•    Honolulu Haze #2 (22.6% CBD) -- #1 Customer Favorite
•    Sunset Road Sherbert #2 (22.1% CBD)
•    Casino Cookies #2 (20.7% CBD)
•    Juicy Fruit #2 (20.7% CBD)
•    Acapulco Gold (19.1% CBD) -- New arrival
•    Tangie (18.9% CBD) 
•    Trophy Wife (18.8% CBD)
•    Girl Scout Cookies (17.3% CBD)
•    Vegas Lights #2 (17.3 CBD) -- Staff's top pick
•    Charlotte's Sauce #2 (17.2% CBD) -- Popular varietal
•    Durban Potion #2 (16.5% CBD)

Product Information: 1.5 grams of premium hand trimmed CBD FLOWER in pre-packaged quantities. Choose from our freshly harvested lab-tested CBD flowers. We carefully place all quantities of CBD hemp flower in a pharmaceutical grade WHITE/CLEAR mylar bag then heat seal it for freshness and to omit any odors.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant's extract. As of 2019, clinical research on cannabidiol included studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it has had a surge in popularity over the past couple of years. Unlike THC, the chemical compound that gives weed its signature effect, CBD has been shown to help with everything from PTSD and anxiety to MS and epilepsy — without getting you high.

Fellow Creatives and Art Enthusiasts,

I have drawn since childhood, but I have had a career in Quality Control longer than I have been a professional artist. I hope to combine both backgrounds to form a statistical analysis for my first Six Sigma Project. This is why I am attempting to set up exhibitions, shows and forums around the world.

There has been a movement to base much of the local economic development upon the arts and artists. Most of us appreciate the intrinsic benefits of the arts—their beauty and vision; how they inspire, soothe, provoke, and connect us. When it comes time to make tough funding choices, however, elected officials and business leaders need to have strong and credible data that demonstrate the economic benefits of a vibrant arts and culture industry.

By every measure, the results are impressive, Nationally, the arts and culture industry generates $166.2 billion in economic activity annually—a 24 percent increase in just the past five years. That amount is greater than the Gross Domestic Product of most countries. This spending supports 5.7 million full-time jobs right here in the United States—an increase of 850,000 jobs since our 2002 study. What’s more, because arts and culture organizations are strongly rooted in their communities, these are jobs that necessarily remain local and cannot be shipped overseas.

Our industry also generates nearly $30 billion in revenue to local, state, and federal governments every year. By comparison, the three levels of government collectively spend less than $4 billion annually to support arts and culture—a spectacular 7:1 return on investment that would even thrill Wall Street veterans.

Arts and culture organizations—businesses in their own right—leverage additional event-related spending by their audiences that pumps vital revenue into restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and other local businesses. When patrons attend a performing arts event, for example, they may park their car in a toll garage, purchase dinner at a restaurant, and eat dessert after the show. Valuable commerce is generated for local merchants. Studies show that the typical attendee spends $27.79 per person, per event, in addition to the cost of admission. When a community attracts cultural tourists, it harnesses even greater economic rewards. Nonlocal audiences spend twice as much as their local counterparts ($40.19 vs. $19.53). Arts and culture are magnets for tourists, and tourism research repeatedly shows that cultural travelers stay longer and spend more.

Whether serving the local community or out-of-town visitors, a vibrant arts and culture industry helps local businesses thrive. Right now, cities around the world are competing to attract new businesses as well as our brightest young professionals. International studies show that the winners will be communities that offer an abundance of arts and culture opportunities. As the arts flourish, so will creativity and innovation—the fuel that drives our global economy. This is inspiring news for those whose daily task is to strengthen the economy and enrich quality of life. No longer do business and elected leaders need to choose between arts and economic prosperity. Nationally, as well as locally, the arts mean business.

I am asking the creative community to help me with this project by please taking 3 minutes of their time to fill out a survey or share. Be it visual artists, poets, writers, musicians, show producers or art enthusiasts. The more data collected can have a significant impact on understanding our unique industry.

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